Mountain bike trip in Arizona, Utah and Nevada

I was invited to join on a mountain bike trip last fall with Alta Expéditions in collaboration with Sur La Route and Détour Nature bike tours to shoot promotional photos and video. Here’s some of the best images which came out of it. Many thanks to all involved : Phil Turbide, F-X Gagnon, Jonathan Beaudoin, Raymonde Billig, François Jenny, Benoît Ancelin, Guy Bajard, Michel Rapin. Visit their websites for more information : http://www.detournature.comRead more

Helicopter glory

Here is one of my favorite shots of this season so far. This is Ryan Doty piloting a Bell 205 helicopter for Mustang Helicopters and Selkirk Tangiers Heliskiing in the mountains around Revelstoke, British Columbia.Read more

Mountain Sledder Magazine Cover

It had been years of dreaming to do a night shoot with some professional local hillclimbers when my friend Rob Sim from The Effen Search Photography introduced me to professional snowmobiler Jeremy Hanke from Soul Rides Avalanche Education by telling him I had lighting super powers or some fancy equipment. It wasn’t long before all three of us ventured out there in the Revelstoke backcountry to try and get some night pictures. After two days of trials Jeremy felt itRead more

Allison and Kerslake’s Revelstoke Wedding

I had the pleasure to work and become friends with Kerslake at Selkirk Tangiers Heliskiing two winters ago. He’s the kindest guy I know and he smiles at every occasion. His qualities are more than matched by Allison’s who makes any day feel like partying! For the whole week Mother nature made it seem like the monsoon was going to show up to the party but the rain decided to carefully cooperate with the schedule producing magnificent sun streaks only to emphasize theRead more

Kayle & Benoît’s France Wedding

I met Benoît when I first moved to Revelstoke, British Columbia. He instantly impressed me with his stunt abilities by jumping off the roof of our house on a GT Snowracer while not spilling his cup of wine. A year and a half later we were chatting about how much fun the local music festival was and he told me he had just met this awesome girl there. I got to watch their love grow and witness their astonishing teamworkRead more

January and February, filled with beauty

Here’s the two best pictures I got this winter so far! First one is of Paddy Jerome of Canadian Rockies Mountain Guides ski touring in Hakuba on Mount Onagi where you can enjoy a pretty view of the Sea of Japan. The second one was shot on my first day back from Japan while out working with Selkirk Tangiers Heliskiing and guide Dave Scott.Read more

Best photos of winter 2014

Here it is again, another amazing season awaits. I am stoked to enjoy more backcountry snowboarding in Revelstoke and photography with an ever-growing eagerness to harvest great images and sick powder turns at Selkirk Tangiers Heliskiing and Chatter Creek Mountain Lodges. – Je ne peux plus attendre d’enfin retrouver la beauté de l’arrière-pays de la Colombie-Britannique qui m’attends pour un huitième hiver blanc où la neige profonde et les vues magnifiques sauront me procurer extase et sentiment d’accomplissement une foisRead more

Québec City Bowl Bash + Béquilles

J’ai du faire avec un handicap cette année pour l’édition 2014 du Bowl Bash organisé par la Boutique du Skate. M’étant fracturé le péroné il y a six semaines, ce fut un plus grand défi qu’à l’habitude. Cet événement demande à se déplacer souvent aux abord de la piscine de béton dans laquelle s’exécutent les athlètes. – I hade to cope with an injury this time around while photographing the 2014 edition of the Québec City Bowl Bash. This event,Read more

Meilleures photos du Festival D’Été de Québec 2014

Voici mes meilleures images réalisées durant le Festival d’Été de Québec 2014 où j’ai eu la chance de photographier Journey, Queens Of The Stone Age, Billy Joel, Deadmau5, Electric Youth, Phantogram, The Bloody Beetroots Live et Steve Hill parmi tant d’autres. J’écrivais également de courte revues des spectacles qui furent publiées sur le site – Here are my best images from the 2014 Festival D’Été de Québec where I got to photograph Journey, Queens Of The Stone Age, BillyRead more